We use our network to raise money to help the poorest children in the world, inspired by the values of rugby. We put helping children first. We do not exist to develop the game but to use its values and network to do good.  We believe in getting practical help and support directly to those who need it, wherever and whatever that is. No child should just survive. They should all have the chance to thrive.

The Issues                                   The Solutions


We use rugby as a tool for improving children's lives because...

Our love for rugby union first brought us together, but the desire to do good through our shared values is what drives Atlas forward. It transcends the game.

  • We value integrity; openness and striving to do things the right way. This drives our pursuit of collaborators and projects that are true and transparent, and helps guide the children we work with to learn to make good decisions in life.
  • We value hard work; discipline, never settling, and teamwork. We work hard and lead by example, so that given the rightconditions, children see that they can work hard for themselves.
  • We value respect; for others and for people’s differences. But above all, for the young people we help.

"After seeing the outstanding charity work done by rugby players and the rugby family here and overseas, we knew that we wanted to find a way to add our weight to their efforts, to improve the lives of disadvantaged children across the world"  
Jason Leonard OBE
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