The Atlas Foundation exists to help deprived children work towards a better future through rugby communities and initiatives.

It is a launchpad for good and provides a platform that funds international projects that have a tangible impact on the daily lives of deprived young people.

Through feeding and education programmes and a large number of rugby initiatives, the Atlas Foundation provides safety, education, food, sport, guidance and community to thousands of children across five continents.

The work is led by the core rugby values of Integrity, Hard Work and Respect, and the Atlas Foundation is committed to getting practical help directly to those who need it. So far over £1 million has been raised, and over 50,000 children have been supported.

"After seeing the outstanding charity work done by rugby players and the rugby family here and overseas, we knew that we wanted to find a way to add our weight to their efforts, to improve the lives of disadvantaged people across the world".   Jason Leonard OBE

We believe all children should feel safe, have their needs met and have the opportunity to thrive. But millions of children across the world don’t.

We are lucky to be part of a sporting community with strong leaders, great teammates and good friends. We believe that through togetherness we can do great things.

Our love for rugby union first brought us together, but the desire to do good through our shared values is what drives Atlas forward. It transcends the game.

We value integrity; openness and striving to do things the right way. This drives our pursuit of collaborators and projects that are true and transparent, and helps guide the children we work with to learn to make good decisions in life.

We value hard work; discipline, never settling, and teamwork. We work hard and lead by example, so that given the right conditions, children see that they can work hard for themselves.

We value respect; for others and for people’s differences. But above all, for the young people we help.

We are lean in structure, strong decision makers, and efficient in getting help directly to people in need. Wherever and whatever is needed.

To help the world’s most deprived children in a meaningful way, we believe in long term, local commitment, free from corruption. Providing stability, governance and support, Atlas is a platform for that to happen.

So if you’re a donor, volunteer, project leader or beneficiary, we make you this promise: we will do everything in our collective power to live our values, be a launchpad for good and provide a platform that helps children work towards a better future.

Join us.

The Atlas Foundation

Providing children with a chance to thrive

📋 Due Diligence

We work in some pretty corrupt places. Part of the impact of our work is the building of integrity and teamwork with our participants. To make sure our money goes where it should, and it is the children who benefit, we work through a global network of Rugby Champions. They make sure our projects are robust, our money is spent properly, the message of honest working is passed onto our participants, and they help with media and donor visits. 

Atlas Foundation’s UK-based staff and Trustees provide ongoing support and guidance to Rugby Champions, as well as conducting their own field monitoring visits. Atlas conducts standard financial and child protection checks and requires all partners to adhere to regular reporting schedules.

🚸 Child Protection

The Atlas Foundation recognises that all children have the right to participate in our programmes in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment, being protected from abuse, neglect, harm and poor practice. The welfare of the child is, and must always be, paramount to any other considerations.

While we are grateful to the hundreds of staff and volunteers who take so much time and care to support the kids in our programmes, we are aware that these positions of power and responsibility can be abused, and harm inflicted on children and vulnerable adults. Any form of abuse or neglect is unacceptable to us. We have a strict policy that all our projects must adopt and implement, which covers acceptable behaviour and reporting obligations. This can be found HERE and in the Key Documents quick links below. 



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