5 Years Of Making A Difference

From Argentina to Zimbabwe, children from the poorest towns and slums can be sure of practical support and friendship, as well as guidance through the core rugby values of integrity, hard work and respect. Whether you visit a youth centre, experience Atlas at school, in your community, or are a part of a rugby initiative, you can expect to develop the skills that enable you to work hard for yourself, and give you the support you need to thrive.

2020 is our fifth year of operation. This year, we launched Atlas USA, and we are excited to see the great impact that our work has for children throughout the country. It is our mission to provide children with the chance to thrive, and we will pursue this endeavor for years to come. We hope to add to our growing number of projects and continue supporting our current ones in an effort to serve as many children and families as possible. 

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Impact Assessment

We are delighted by the human impact and particularly the physical, social and emotional uplift provided to our beneficiaries. Since our start 5 years ago, we have raised £1,917,085 and have committed £901,841 to charitable work. From 2018-2019, 94.4% of the 53,456 people helped were children.

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Impact Report 2019

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Impact Report 2017-2018

Nico's Story

Nico came to Buenos Aires with his mother and two brothers when their father died. They found themselves in a shanty town sharing a squalid room with no sanitation, living in a neighbourhood ruled by gangs, and paying a costly rent that made buying food difficult. 

After being welcomed into our rugby project in Buenos Aires, Nico and his family were given immense support to establish a new lifestyle. They received a hot meal once a week and were checked out by an Atlas-funded doctor who became concerned about their health due to their living conditions. The project leaders helped Nico's mother to find her own small home on the edge of the shanty town with running water and drainage. Now, Nico and his brothers are flourishing and attend the local school while their mother works and regularly volunteers at the club.

Kenya's Children

In partnership with Loughborough University, we are delighted that a team of Kenyan filmmakers were able to work with the children we support in the Northern Conservancies and help to film, edit, and tell their stories. To view these videos, please visit the following link:

Kenya's Children