From Argentina to Zimbabwe children from the poorest shanty towns and slums are given food, education and training, alongside the joy of playing rugby.

Through this the kids we work with are learning and growing. They learn more, they stay away from drugs and crime, they become young leaders. In time they find jobs and become fine adults giving back to the next generation of children.

2019 is our fourth year of operation. We have now reached almost 30,000 children in 29 projects in 19 countries, 13,000 on a continuous basis.

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Nico came with his mother and two brothers to Buenos Aires when their father died. They found themselves in a shanty town sharing a squalid room with no sanitation. The rent they were charged made buying food difficult and the neighbourhood was ruled by gangs. 

Nico was welcomed with his family into our rugby project in Buenos Aires where he received a hot meal once a week. The Atlas funded doctor checked him and his brothers and was concerned about their heath, and learned about their living conditions. The project leaders helped Nico's mother to find her own small home on the edge of the shanty town with running water and drainage. Nico and his brothers are now flourishing and attend the local school. 

Nico's mother has found work, and is a regular volunteer at the club. 

📚 Impact Assessment

Our first impact assessment was published in February 2019, please see below for the full report. We are delighted by the human impact and particularly the behavioural and educational uplift provided to our beneficiaries. 

Impact Report

🚸 Case Studies

Part of our evaluation process will be collecting case studies from our projects which illustrate the work in human terms. We will publish them here in the near future.