Atlas Foundation Mobile Classroom Project Manager Calum Barclay updates us on the latest developments on the bus.

"Progress continues on the Atlas Mobile Classroom, albeit slower than scheduled for obvious reasons."


"We are expecting the fabricators to have completed the structure in the next 2-3 weeks. The next stage is for the IT infrastructure to be installed, and then wrapped to make it look pretty."


"In addition, we have acquired 45 refurbished laptops from a reputable UK dealer, which are ready and waiting to be shipped to Kenya (hopefully soon!). These will be fitted into each work station (36 for the classroom and 4 for editing suite, with spares)."


 Bus at the fabricators


What is the "Digi-Bus"?

The Atlas Foundation has established this project in partnership with the Kings Rugby Development Academy in Kenya to provide the kids from the slums of Nairobi with access to education and rugby coaching. This digibus creates a mobile digital classroom, seating 41 children and giving them access to a teacher and digital education sessions in six locations across the slums.

Atlas is actively fundraising to raise the £86,000 needed to complete the DigiBus project and provide a teacher for the first year. Thereafter we hope to recruit volunteers willing to spend from a few weeks to a few months helping with teaching and coaching to maintain the programme on the ground.

In October, Jason Leonard and Simon Shaw along with around 20 other trekkers will embark on a mad cap adventure to deliver this bus to the kids.