There is a terrible injustice in Tonga that kids with a passion and talent for rugby cannot succeed in their own country.
Most, like me and my family, found professional contracts and international selection because we left.
I am determined to help the kids in Tonga live there, play there, and flourish there. Mako Vunipola

Equipment fund

I am raising money to buy basic training equipment so the schools and clubs in Tonga can benefit from proper training conditions. With a few hundred pounds we can buy and ship tackle bags, pads, boots, balls and cones. Each club and school can get a high quality kit bag full of essential equipment for only £500. 

Pilot coaching project

Working through trusted contacts on the ground in Tonga, I want to focus coaching attention on the youth of our villages. We need to create a better coaching structure to allow them to succeed in their own villages, improve and be selected for regional and national teams. This is a simple idea, it just needs more skilled coaching on the ground than Tonga has to offer.

Hidden jewels

There are hidden jewels in the boys and girls of Tonga. They live in paradise, why should they have to leave it to succeed in rugby, or in their working lives. We will uncover these jewels, these talented youngsters, and give them the skills on the pitch, and the education off the pitch to be the next leaders of sport and the economy. Keeping our jewels in our islands. 


Stay in touch with me and my project. Donate to help and I will thank everyone personally, and host an annual get together of supporters who give at least £100, and a special night out to thank the ten most generous supporters.