Ashley Bartlett TOC Challenge
Sport has been the heart and soul and huge part of my life both as a competitor and manager from grass roots to Olympic and Paralympic Games, but unknown to me it was about to make its biggest impact a week after my 50th birthday at the end of September last year.
I had a Heart Attack without any warning out on the golf course and my life was turned upside down.
Following successful surgery, I have since been through a rehabilitation programme and have completed a number of personal challenges, however I had committed, ironically on the golf with Jason last year, to ride with him on the Tour of Cambridgeshire, the worlds biggest closed road Cycling race. So have set myself the target of completing.
Knowing the incredible work Jason and the Atlas Foundation does, I am joining the Atlas Foundation team on this years TOC Challenge, along with 8000 other riders. Your help no matter how small will make a life changing difference to many peoples lives around the world supporting communities, providing education, health and social interventions through their mutual love of rugby.
Thank you all Ashley Bartlett