Ian was a close friend and housemate whilst at Swansea University. He always committed to what he wanted to achieve with great and inspiring dedication. He once told me to write a list of things that I wanted to achieve and to keep it to hand so that it was a constant reminder of my goals and aspirations. With this in mind, this year I want to meet some goals in a way that Ian (Saffa) would have been proud. I've therefore written a list of challenges that I want to achieve and have signed up to a series of events throughout 2019.

I've never pushed myself to my limits of fitness so I'm dedicating to the training to complete 13 events this year:

The List

10k Wellingborough Dirt Run - 24/02/19 - Completed in 46:45 (although not quite 10k)
10k Milton Keynes Run for Chocolate - 03/03/19 - Completed in 50:31
Half Marathon Princes Risborough - 23/03/19 - Completed in 2hr 27 (13.7miles)
10k Flitwick - 14/04/19 - Completed in 48:03
Half Marathon Brecon Beacons - 11/05/19 - Completed in 2hr 34 (16.1 miles)
Half Marathon Buckinghamshire - 09/06/19 - Completed in 2hr
Olympic Triathlon Cardiff - 23/06/19 - Completed 2hr 45 (bike was cut short to 30km)
Half Marathon Leamington - 07/07/19 - Complete 1hr59
Olympic Triathlon Woburn - 07/09/19 - Complete 3hr17
50 mile Cycle Tyringham - 12/10/19 - Complete 3hr22
Half Marathon Birmingham - 13/10/19 - Complete 1hr28 (cut short 2 miles)
Half Marathon Dirt Run Leighton Buzzard - 16/11/19 - Complete 1hr50
10k Grafam Water - 22/12/19

I'd appreciate your support to help me through these challenges and to also support the fantastic Ian Williams Foundation, Saffa's sister Helen has set up to raise awareness for and drive the need for regular heart screening in all levels of rugby. Please take the time to read the donation page and www.theianwilliamsfoundation.org for more information about The Foundation!

Last year I managed just the one Half Marathon so this is a new level for me so bring on the challenge. I'll be thinking of Saffa every step of the way. You can follow my progress on my Insta page @legacy.lives... Thank you! Stu Clarke