Simon Shaw

I recently saw the work of the Atlas Foundation with some of the poorest kids in Africa. It truly does save lives. Rugby is our sport and and we look after our own, we give back, remembering all the people who gave to us to allow us to succeed.

I am now joining a small team who will take rugby kit and critical education and medical supplies up to kids living in the jungles of North Bengal.

We have each committed to raising £10,000 for the work of the Atlas Foundation with the poorest of the poor across India. They work in the slums of Calcutta and Delhi, and in places like this in rural India.

It looks idyllic to the outside world, small houses on stilts with the Himalayas as your backdrop, surrounded by jungle and tea plantations. The reality is grinding poverty, no affordable education or medicine.

We are going at the end of March to formally open an Atlas funded education centre, where kids can store their rugby kit, and will get dedicated tuition to help them pass key exams at 16yrs. This gives access to jobs and a route out of poverty.

We will meet their rugby coach, Roshan, who was a street kid sleeping at the Howrah Railway Station in Kolkata before he joined the Atlas funded Jungle Crows programme, eventually being trained as a coach and now living and working with the kids of Saraswatipur.

Please help me and them by donating or sponsoring me. You can donate on this page - see the pink button - or email me and I can arrange bank details or a sponsorship invoice.

Simon Shaw