I have been involved with England Deaf rugby for several years. I have seen the whole organisation grow and develop and it’s been amazing to be a part of.
In 2018 both the men and women travelled to Australia to compete in the First ever Deaf Rugby World Cup. Myself and team mates won the final and became World Champions. It really was an experience I will never forget. I now have the opportunity to represent England and travel to South Africa to play against South Africa Deaf Rugby.
This will be the first time the two nations have met and I am honoured to be able to go. All players are required to raise £1500 to fund the trip as England Deaf Rugby is a charity.
Deafness is a very lonely and isolating disability and one that goes unnoticed. Deafness can’t be seen and because it’s not obvious the struggles of Deaf and hard of hearing people really do go unnoticed.
For me and many other players at England Deaf rugby the times we meet up for games or training are the only times I meet with other deaf people and those who truly understand how lonely being deaf can really be.
EDRU is massively important not only in encouraging deaf and hard of hearing people to be more active and participate in sport but also inspiring confidence and building friendships with others that simply make life a little less isolating.
Please please help raise money for this trip. 
Gina Iaquaniello