Josh Stevens

As we progress through lockdown more of us our developing hairstyles and beards that were last seen in the 1970s! So Front Row Club have decided to create the “Banish the Beard and Barnet Challenge" (BBBC) to help raise funds for masks, medical supplies and food for our kids.

The best bit about this challenge is that it doesn't involve throwing yourself out of a perfectly working plane, climbing Mount Everest or even having to lift 8 million KGs! No, this is the simple humiliation of having your Beard and Barnet clipped off and looking freaky to your mates for a while afterwards!

You might think that COVID-19 was the biggest threat to our kids, but the reality is that loss of food, crime from people desperate for something to eat, and the risk of disease and starvation are much more a danger. Atlas’ last food and mask distribution in South Africa helped 60 children and cost £500. Let’s continue this great work and increase similar distributions across the world, to supply face masks, food and essential needs packs, as well as health and safety advice.

I’m also cycling 420 miles (distance between BT Murrayfield and Twickenham stadium) over 14 days around Scotland. Atlas is a really good charity that will really benefit from every donation, large or small and all of it will go towards disadvantaged young people around the globe.

The more we raise the better prize we'll get:
• £100 Front Row Club caricature
• £250 personalised Front Row Club caricature for the club wall.
• £500 signed rugby shirt by an Atlas rugby champion.
• £1000 all three.
• £2000 special mystery prizes.

Take a picture/video of your hair and beard before and after the chop and share on social media with #BBBC to get your mates and your club involved.

Get banishing!

Josh Stevens