[email protected][email protected] My Dad Kieran was 50 this year and I was 15, so we are closing 2019 on a high. We will make our first Tandem Skydive over Wollongong beach in Sydney Australia. hurtling towards the earth at over 200km/hr for 60 seconds, followed be a relaxing 7 minute float under canopy, soaking up the spectacular coastal views of the Royal National Park, Illawarra, and who knows we may even spot whales or dolphins. My Dad and I wanted to do something daring and big in memory of Anita, Alex and Annabel. I know my friend Alex would think that jumping out of an airplane over Australia was just the kind of crazy thing my Dad and I would do. I want to live my life to the full and am not afraid to experience new things. Alex was always willing to try new things and this is in honor of him. Please sponsor us and raise as much money as we can to keep up the great work of the AN*** memorial fund. BRODIE TEMPEST