Paul White We are a team of 7 from Fidelity and are all going to ride 100 miles in support of the Atlas Foundation, which is a great cause aiming to lift children out of poverty worldwide.

The Atlas Foundation was founded by Jason Leonard (England & British Lions legend) and other rugby and corporate heavyweights to improve the lives of the poorest people on earth through the power of rugby. The projects use rugby and education as a way to offer children a future and have already increased education levels in some areas from 15%-80%!!

With our stupidity and your support/sponsorship the foundation will be able to continue this great work and help as many children as possible.

The team consists of the two extremes of cyclists; those that get out on the bike regularly, to those that haven’t used a bike for many years and shouldn’t ever considering wearing lycra!!

People do stupid things for charity, but your support will help us achieve… please sponsor us as much as you can.

The magnificent seven are Clocks, Nick, Howard, John E, Sophie, Sally and Paul. Paul White