WANTED ! Looking for adventure seekers with an edge to climb mountains. Go to the ends of the earth. Push the boundaries. Go big. And, most importantly, bring a massive heart. If you have that, you’re our type of person!

The Atlas Foundation is preparing their next exhilarating annual trek raising vital funding used to make the difference to thousands of young boys and girls living in dire conditions across the globe. Operating in 16 countries, Atlas is active in these impoverished communities uplifting the kids with sound educational and nutritional support along with some exceptionally good coaching and fun playing rugby and developing healthy skills and mindset.

Atlas South Africa has fast become a respected platform making a significant impact and creating a firm footprint in this beautiful country. The demands are high in the many impoverished communities and the need for assistance continues to grow. Throughout the time of Covid-19 our Atlas coaches have been on the ground, encouraging the kids to co-operate with safety regulations, delivering food vouchers and nutrition packs, upgrading rugby facilities and being there for the kids every day, playing in small groups on the roads, street corners and wherever they could safely get together until the schools are able to permit the kids back into class.

As one township headmaster pointed out to his pupils in assembly just before lockdown said….”We are honoured. Atlas sees us. Learn from this and give of your best to them…it is an opportunity for you to shine and they will help you”. Working on a code of trust, integrity and respect, Atlas is forging strong partnerships within these communities and giving the kids that opportunity ‘to shine’ drives us hard!

The heart sore stories are many and the situations are dire. Yet the resolve and belief in our operations gives immense hope and provides a beacon for many. You will have a young boy whose family shack was ravaged by fire and leaving nothing, pitch up to rugby practice in his school clothes the next day…not wanting to miss one moment of practice and relishing the safety and belonging of his rugby family.

Funding from the annual Atlas trek is a vital lifeline to our projects. We simply cannot do it without you. You will have fun and adventure, that is guaranteed, but you do something so much more and assist us in setting down new and lasting legacies….these are priceless beyond all. Working and supporting projects around the Cape, Gauteng and in KZN, our efforts are widespread and inclusive. The Eastern Cape remains an important consideration and we are seeking ways to assist this rugby loving province which boasts outstanding talent….Siya Kolisi is a proud son of this region.

The Atlas South Africa Trek 2021 will kick off after the completion of the Lions Tour. A three night, four day wonder of visiting a massive co-sponsored Atlas project in KwaZulu Natal, before visiting the battle fields of Rourke’s Drift and Spioenkop will have your emotions racing like no other. Hear the distant calls, walk the landscapes and sense the heroes that went before you….take that with you and play it forward. The legacy is yours now to create.

In the company of the Atlas Rugby Champions and some exceptional friends of Atlas, there are a few exclusive places to join this group of adventurers. Be quick to share the magic of this special adventure together….it will be like no other, that we promise you.

Booking for this event has now closed.