With the launch of Ealing Trailfinders fully fledged Community Department, we have also launched our Foundation Programme. This Foundation will act as an arm of the club that aims to take education alongside team sports, to as many areas in the borough as possible. Our education programmes have one aim; To enhance children's enjoyment in the class room, and offer more opportunities to play team sports. We offer three different curriculum's for schools; Reading and Rugby; Writing and Rugby; and Rugby Maths. All of these programmes are run in a school for 5 to 7 weeks and incorporates an hours class room learning and an hours outdoor activity or PE lesson, with a rugby theme.  

Reading and Rugby - Our Community Coaches will spend 45 minutes to an hour reading one-to-one with a group of pupils before delivering a tag rugby session for the same period of time. This is a fantastic opportunity for school pupils to get that extra reading time but also allow them the one to one support they may need. On top of that, the class will be given 60 minutes of Tag Rugby Coaching that can act as a PE lesson. 

Rugby Maths - This programme uses the KS1 and 2 schools maths curriculum and adds a rugby twist to it. lasting 60 minutes in the class room, this gives school pupils the chance to use sport as a classroom learning tool. Whether it's managing the prices of a rugby supporters shop, or building their own stadiums with shapes, Rugby Maths creates a fresh way to approach the maths curriculum. Two coaches will be sent into schools to deliver a total of 2 hours per class. 1 hour inside the classroom and 1 hour on the PE field playing Tag Rugby. 

Writing and Rugby - Much like Reading and Rugby, school pupils are given the chance to creatively write using sport as the tool to do so. Using either an incomplete short story; newspaper article; or short rugby video; children will use their English skills and imagination to complete to story as they see fit. This is a fantastic project that gives pupils the freedom to express themselves as well as goal set for the future. This programme also gives pupils the same PE / outdoor activity through tag rugby as the our other projects do.