Ed was a big personality who lived life to the full, was loved dearly by his family and friends, and is missed hugely by all who knew him. He was a talented sportsman who enjoyed playing both codes of rugby and cricket.

While on tour in South Africa Ed played against the township of Lagunya. The photo here is of him with some of the township boys. Ed saved up his own money to buy South Africa rugby shirts for his opposite number 10 and his little brother.

Following Ed’s tragic death on 28th Sept 2016, aged 18, his family wish to honour his memory and the generosity of his spirit. They have established a memorial fund through the ATLAS Foundation to which all may contribute. The family will use these funds to follow in Ed’s footsteps and support sports projects with disadvantaged people in areas touched by his life. 

Tanzania Rugby Development Programme

Thanks to Ed's family, and the oversight of Bhubesi Pride, a new Tanzania Rugby Development Programme has been established in Arusa and Moshi. The first six months have allowed the team to reach 400 people, of which 320 are children. 
Feedback from the coaches has been extremely positive:
" Many of these children come from low income backgrounds and have not had that much parental or other senior figures interested in them. This program shows these children that they can have self worth and can believe in themselves, and be good at something and can succeed"

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