This Memorial Fund has been set up by Ben Nicholson in memory of his wife Anita and their two children Alex and Annabel who tragically lost their lives in the Sri Lanka bombings on Easter Sunday 2019.

Anita was a hugely popular member of the Atlas Foundation family. She set up and ran our first ever fundraising dinner in Singapore in October 2018. We remain eternally grateful to her, and are all devastated to have lost her.

Ben says that in addition to Anita's role with Atlas, rugby has been a significant and important part of their family life, driven in particular by Alex and Annabel's love of the game. 

Ben will be working with Atlas to create a fitting memorial to all three. Here at Atlas we have added our weight to this by contributing £20,000.

Anita did a brilliant job for Atlas with a Halloween themed event at the Singapore Cricket Club on 31st October 2018 with Jason Leonard there to promote Atlas's work in the Far East, raising over £20,000. 

Thanks to the extraordinary generosity of friends, family, colleagues and strangers, the Memorial Fund target has been increased to allow for additional fundraising events that are coming up, and to allow for a larger body of work in Singapore and across Asia in Anita, Alex and Annabel's names. 

Memorial Jerseys

Thanks to Paladin Sports new "AN Collection" coaches and supporter jerseys are available for purchase with the profits being donated to the Memorial Fund. 

The "AN" mark picks up the initials of Anita, Alex and Annabel Nicholson. 

Both Alex and Annabel loved playing rugby and touch for TRC with their friends and I am truly touched that their teams will be wearing these jerseys

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