I have had severe hearing loss since birth, with grommets fitted to both ears to improve my hearing. In 2019 I underwent a bi-lateral Tympanoplasty operation to re-build my ear drum which means I now have moderate hearing loss and I wear hearing aids. I have played rugby at school, for Hertfordshire and the Saracens Academy and this season I have been selected to play for England Deaf Rugby (EDRU) which is a member of the RFU family of elite teams.

I have been selected for the EDRU tour to South Africa in May. This is the first time these two Nations will play against each other and is a huge step forward in the development and progress of Deaf Rugby. This is an amazing opportunity and I would be grateful for any help you could offer. I have raised £800 so far and need another £700.

EDRU has two main functions. First it seeks to ensure that the game of rugby union is available to all men and women with hearing impairment. It does this by providing individual support at its open training sessions and guidance to parents of deaf and hard of hearing children. EDRU also provides deaf awareness to clubs with deaf and hard of hearing players. In addition EDRU have visited a number of schools for the deaf to introduce the game of rugby union. Secondly, EDRU is responsible for the administration and organisation of the England Deaf rugby team. In order to qualify to play for England Deaf a player must have an average of 25db hearing loss bilaterally. It means that deaf, deafened and many hard of hearing players will qualify. This includes those who have had hearing impairment from birth through to those who have incurred hearing impairment as a result of illness or injury.