Rugby players are increasingly concerned about the possibility of getting dementia. Recent research points at potential causation between concussion, vascular damage and dementia. This proposal is for a study to look for ways to treat vascular damage.



This project looks to establish what damage, if any, is done to the vascular structures in rugby players brains; what impact this has on cognitive function and dementia outcomes in the long term; how any damage can be identified and treated immediately and after extended periods of time. 


We will recruit an Advisory Board to call for project proposals from universities and research institutions with experience in this field. The brief: to identify the causes, diagnostic tools and treatments for new and historic vascular damage in the brain. Ultimately finding a means to regenerate the vascular supply to avoid or cure vascular dementia.

Long-Term Impact

Ultimately to be able to repair vascular damage, ensure uncompromised brain function and find a cure for vascular dementia.

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