Rugby in Israel is not a well-known sport, but the focus of this project on peace and reconciliation has made it noteworthy beyond the pitch. Atlas is working with a number of private donors to bring rugby to schools in mixed communities. The values of rugby, with fierce opposition on the pitch and strong fellowship off the pitch, is an important tool to break down traditional mistrust between different religious and racial groups in the country.

This project started early in 2018 and is now working in four cities across Israel, with twelve schools regularly, and bringing in a further 32 for festivals. These include Jews, Druze, Arabs, and Christians; local people and refugees. The early signs are good, and we look forward to our first impact assessment to understand how best to serve the cause of peace in this country.

As with many new rugby projects, we use "tags" rather than "tackles," allowing any child between the age of 6-12 years to experience rugby without fear of physical contact or the need for prior technical or physical knowledge and skills.

Our work is currently in Pardes Hana, Tel Mond, Tel Aviv, Ayelet Hasahar, Haifa, Modiin, and Rehovot. 

For only £1,000 per year, we can add another school and additional 100 children to the programme.