The Front Row Club Fund is where our supporters can come, as a community, to collectively raise money for Atlas projects. This is not where you pay your membership, but where you can make additional donations which will go straight towards basic medical supplies for the vulnerable children in our projects.


While the COVID-19 pandemic is so prominent the fund’s focus will be on ensuring our kids are safe and have the best chance of survival.

When Coronavirus hits the slums and shanty towns in which our kids live the impact will be devastating. Many have no access to clean water for washing or drinking, no money to buy basic medicines like paracetamol that could reduce a temperature and save a life. Social isolation is impossible. Many have lost parents to AIDS and live with a grandparent.  


The biggest challenge, however, is access to food. Many of the children we work with are already in some of the most deprived areas of the world, often neglected and in dire need of support. In these even more challenging times the risk of these children being forgotten about is higher and with food shortages and often violence at food distribution centres in these deprived communities, our kids could be left behind and starve.


We will use 100% of donations to buy basic medical supplies such as hand gel and paracetamol. 

Please help if you can.



Front Row Club is the first online rugby club that brings the rugby family together from around the world under one virtual clubhouse roof. 

From grass roots rugby to the professional game, Front Row Club brings news, views, free prizes and money can’t buy experiences to all its members for just £10 a year.

Through Front Row Club memberships and donations, we help drive forward The Atlas Foundation, founded by England legend Jason Leonard and a line-up of internationally-renowned rugby champions, to bring positive change to children around the world through the power of rugby.

Your donation will go directly to The Atlas Foundation helping them provide education, medical assistance and food globally. In time by teaching children at early age we hope they become young leaders who will then instil the same values they have learnt through the rugby family.


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