Initially we were terribly worried about what Covid-19 would do when it hit the slums and shanty towns in which our kids. What has actually devastated them is the loss of food, crime from people desperate for something to eat, and the risk of disease and starvation.


Our projects have been working extremely hard to support our kids in these difficult times. Here are just 4 of the projects that donations to this fundraiser will benefit.


The last distribution in Masiphumelele, South Africa helped 60 children and cost 8,000 Rand which is roughly £500. We hope to be able to continue this, and similar distributions in a number of our projects across the world.


One of our kids wearing the masks made by Xolani.

Frank delivering more masks to families in the township.

The crisis exacerbates many of the problems already experienced in the townships including malnourishment and lack of sanitation.

Coaches Frank and Xolani in the Masiphumele Township are now delivering food vouchers and masks to the kids in their rugby programme, and handing out advice about staying inside to protect themselves and stay out of trouble.

See updates on our social media feeds including a message from Springbok Legend and Atlas Champion Percy Montgomery here: 





Marcelo feeding families from across the region of Salta.

Some of the kids in Salta enjoying the food which they otherwise wouldn't have access to.

The clubhouse at Virreyes RC turned into a packing station to help support the surrounding area.


Marcelo Cordova in Salta, Argentina, has been working to provide food for the poorest children and families in the region, and in Buenos Aires, Marocs Julianes at Virreyes has helped coordinate the delivery of food packages, once a week to support the players, their families and the kids in those surrounding villas (townships).


Munna Singh, Kolkata: Munna was nominated by Pratap for his outstanding work in turning Decathlon swimming masks into medical protective masks. Munna designed and printed parts to convert the masks using a 3D printer. He has gone on to deliver them  himself to health workers.

Soobhash Chandra: Soobash one of our senior players from Fatehpur quickly took the initiative of making masks at home. These have now been delivered across several communities in Kolkata. Soobhash has also been a critical part of our “Chain of Support” network making sure no one sleeps hungry.

Mukesh Dooms, Bangalore: Nominated by Akash, Mukesh has collected small amounts of money from his family and friends and uses it to take care of 3 families in his community who cannot manage by themselves.

With all outdoor activities suspended Khelo Rugby have had to come up with different ways of staying in touch with all our rugby crazy youngsters. Whether it is through a ‘chain of support’ to ensure everyone is safe and well, video calls with friends or rugby stars, posting exercise videos, sharing their best dance moves or just catching up on the phone, their priority has been to stay connected.


Niya, Sam, Jalen and DeKauri helping assemble support bags in one of the first needs handouts.

Demarion and Dominique helping deliver needs packages including soap, toilet paper, dental floss, shaving products, food, rugby balls as well as yoga mats.

Coach Shane working out who needs what with the help of the specific needs survey that has been so effective.

Over the past couple of months the team at Memphis Inner City Rugby have been working incredibly hard to support those who need it in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. In mid-March, an ‘adapted services plan’ was launched to “redirect organization resources to be the most helpful for our students & families”, relying on members of the local community donating laptops, free weights, jump ropes, and people’s time to deliver the services to the kids who need it in the inner city.


You can also, through Amazon, donate half a percent of any purchases, at no cost to you.

Please help if you can.

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