Initially we were terribly worried about what Covid-19 would do when it hit the slums and shanty towns in which our kids. What has actually devastated them is the loss of food, crime from people desperate for something to eat, and the risk of disease and starvation.

Atlas emergency projects

Frank and Xolani in the Masiphumele Township are now delivering food vouchers and masks to the kids in their rugby programme, and handing out advice about staying inside to protect themselves and stay out of trouble.

See updates on our Facebook feed including a message from Springbok Legend and Atlas Champion Percy Montgomery here: 

Monty's message

Marcelo in Salta, Argentina, providing food for the poorest children and families in the region.

£500 per distribution

The last distribution in Masiphumelele cost 8,000 Rand which is roughly £500 and we hope to be able to continue this, and similar distributions in a number of our projects across the world. 

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